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The Slizzers
written by "Bixby, Jerome, 1923-1998"
... right down the line. I almost never lose. But, hell, it must be an honest game ... and if they're willing to go on losing to "Lucky" Bixby, I'm perfectly willing to go on winning. After all, can you think of any reason that makes any sense for someone to rig a game week after week to let you win? Oct. 20 Frederik Boles, Author's Agent 2200 Fifth Avenue New York, N. Y. Dear Fred, Well, here's a new story. I've cleared it with Joe ... he says it's okay to use his name; you know his sense of humor. I've used your name, too, but you can change it if you want to, being the shy retiring sort you are. Frankly, I'm a little dubious about the yarn. It's the result of last Friday's poker-session.... I actually did have the déjà vu sensation, as you'll recall. On the way home I stopped in to pick up a chaser, feeling tired as all hell (like I always do—these long grinds are too much for me, I guess, just like the guy in the story) and the idea came to me to slap the old "we are fodder" angle into the thing as it happened and write it up. But it's still an old plot. And one angle is left unexplained: how is the narrator able to know all about the slizzers and write about them after Joe gives him the déjà vu treatment? Well, maybe the readers won't mind. I've gotten away with bigger holes than that. Try it on Bob Lowndes ... I still owe him on that advance. It's up his alley, hope-a-hope. Jerry Oct. 22, 1952 Jerome Bixby 862 Union Street Brooklyn, N. Y. Dear Jerry, I don't go for "The Slizzers." It just ain't convincing. As you say, it's an old idea ... and besides—again as you say—how does the narrator know what happened? The manuscript looks good in my wastebasket. Forget about it. Sympathies. Fred Oct. 23, 1952 Frederik Boles, Author's Agent 2200 Fifth Avenue New York, N. Y. Dear Wet Blanket (and aren't you a little old for that?) Re...

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