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Dave Porter and the Runaways
Last Days at Oak Hall

written by "Boehm, H. Richard"
... At last the boys retired. A few dropped off to sleep, but Dave was not one of them. He had studied hard and was restless, and the fury of the elements added to his nervousness. At last he could stand it no longer to remain in bed, and got up to sit in an easy-chair for awhile. He was just crossing the dormitory floor when there came an extra heavy blast of wind outside, followed by a crash, as one of the giant oaks standing close to the school building was broken off near the top. Then came another crash, a jingling of glass, and a sudden wild cry for help. “Hello, something’s gone through a window!” Dave muttered. “Maybe it’s in the next room!” He ran to the window and looked out. Just below the window-sill he saw some branches of the broken tree. He looked down and noted that the tree-top had gone into the window of the room below. “What’s the row?” cried Roger, springing up and rubbing his eyes. “Is the roof caving in?” asked Phil. 284 “Some tree-branches came down and went through the window right below us,” answered Dave. “Listen!” All did so, and heard the cry for help repeated. “It’s Job Haskers calling!” said the senator’s son. “He uses the room below us now.” “Let us see if he is hurt,” suggested another of the boys. Clad in their pajamas, the boys flocked out into the hallway, there to be joined by others. Word was passed around of what had occurred, and all made their way to the door of the instructor’s apartment. They heard him yelling for help with all his might. The door was locked, and Dave and some others put their shoulders to the barrier and forced it open. All was dark in the room, and the wind was rushing around, sending books, pictures, and other things in all directions. Several matches were struck, and at last a sheltered light was lit. Doctor Clay, Mr. Dale...

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