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The Story of Tim
written by "Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881"  They set out for home, and the first thing they did when they arrived was to hide their booty.  After this adventure, Tim’s p. 17masters frequently discoursed with each other about their apprentice.  His address and cleverness pleased them exceedingly.  They hoped that he would be of the greatest assistance to them, and in order to keep him with them, they determined to give him their sister, who was rather a pretty girl.  When they declared their mind to Tim, he was far from refusing so good a match, for they offered plenty of money with her.  So he married, and ceasing to be their apprentice, became their brother-in-law and comrade. After some time his wife said to him: “It is bad living with these brothers of mine who are thieves to the very bone.  Moreover, you know the rhyme, ‘Though the thief may thrive for many a day, he becomes at last the hangman’s prey.’  So it is my wish and counsel that we separate from them at once and for ever, and go and live at your father’s house, p. 18where, though we may not be so rich, we shall at any rate be in peace.” Tim approved of what she said, and communicated his intention to those honest gentlemen—his brothers-in-law.  They were very much mortified at what he told them, and endeavoured to persuade him to stay with them, but in vain.  At last they said: “We will let you go on the following conditions: we will give you a swine, and if to-night we contrive to steal it from you, you shall pay us two hundred roubles, or remain in our service till you have gained for us that amount, and if we are unable to steal the swine, we will pay the same sum to you.” “Very good,” said Tim, “I will see whether you can steal her away from me.” Then he loaded a cart with his property, and set off with his wife to the house of his father. As soon as he got home he mixed up in the p. 19trough a mess of bar...

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