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South American Fights and Fighters
And Other Tales of Adventure

written by "Brady, Cyrus Townsend, 1861-1920"
... FIGHTS AND FIGHTERS*** E-text prepared by Al Haines     "The Poor Little Governor . . . Distanced His Fierce Pursuers at Last" AMERICAN FIGHTS AND FIGHTERS SERIES South American Fights and Fighters AND OTHER TALES OF ADVENTURE BY CYRUS TOWNSEND BRADY, LL. D. ILLUSTRATIONS BY SEYMOUR M. STONE, GEORGE GIBBS, W. J. AYLWARD AND J. N. MARCHAND TOGETHER WITH REPRODUCTIONS FROM OLD PRINTS AND PORTRAITS GARDEN CITY ———— NEW YORK DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY MCMXIII ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, INCLUDING THAT OF TRANSLATION INTO FOREIGN LANGUAGES, INCLUDING THE SCANDINAVIAN COPYRIGHT, 1910, BY DOUBLEDAY, PAGE & COMPANY PUBLISHED, APRIL, 1910 To George William Beatty Good Fellow, Good Citizen Good Friend PREFACE The first part of this new volume of the American Fights and Fighters Series needs no special introduction. Partly to make this the same size as the other books, but more particularly because I especially desired to give a permanent place to some of the most dramatic and interesting episodes in our history—especially as most of them related to the Pacific and the Far West—the series of papers in part second was included. "The Yarn of the Essex, Whaler" is abridged from a quaint account written by the Mate and published in an old volume which is long since out of print and very scarce. The papers on the Tonquin, John Paul Jones, and "The Great American Duellists" speak for themselves. The account of the battle of the Pitt River has never been published in book form heretofore. The last paper "On Being a Boy Out West" I inserted because I enjoy it myself, and because I have found that others young and old who have read it generally like it also. Thanks are due and are hereby extended to the following m...

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