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The Poetical Works of Robert Bridges
written by "Bridges, Robert, 1844-1930"
...uteous Sicily? And thrice to Enna cam'st thou, thrice, they tell, Satest athirst by Callichorus' well, Nor tookest of the spring to comfort thee. 14  'By that remember'd anguish of thine heart, Lady, have pity even on me, and show Where I may find my love; and take my part For peace, I pray, against my cruel foe: Or if thou canst not from her anger shield, Here let me lie among the sheaves conceal'd Such time till forth I may in safety go.' 15  Demeter answer'd, 'Nay, though thou constrain My favour with thy plea, my help must still Be hidden, else I work for thee in vain To thwart my mighty sister in her will. Thou must fly hence: Yet though I not oppose, Less will I aid her; and if now I close My temple doors to thee, take it not ill.' {149} 16  Then Psyche's hope founder'd; as when a ship, The morrow of the gale can hardly ride The swollen seas, fetching a deeper dip At every wave, and through her gaping side And o'er her shattered bulwark ever drinks, Till plunging in the watery wild she sinks, To scoop her grave beneath the crushing tide: 17  So with each word her broken spirit drank Its doom; and overwhelm'd with deep despair She turn'd away, and coming forth she sank Silently weeping on the temple stair, In midmost night, forspent with long turmoil: But sleep, the gracious pursuivant of toil, Came swiftly down, and nursed away her care. 18  And when the sun awaked her with his beams She found new hope, that still her sorrow's cure Lay with the gods, who in her morning dreams Had sent her comfort in a vision sure; Wherein the Cretan-born, almightiest god, Cloud-gathering Zeus himself had seem'd to nod, And bid her with good heart her woes endure. 19  So coming that same day unto a shrine Of Hera, she took courage and went in: And like to one that to the cell divine For favour ventures or a suit to win, She drew anigh the altar, from her f...

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