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A Cousin's Conspiracy
A Boy's Struggle for an Inheritance

written by "Alger, Horatio, 1832-1899"
... Ray did examine his visitor closely. Against his will he was obliged to acknowledge the resemblance of the man before him to one who in past times had had an intimate acquaintance with his affairs. “You may be Benjamin Bolton,” he said after a pause, “but if so, you have fallen off greatly in your appearance. When I first knew you, you were well dressed and——” “Respectable, I suppose you mean to say?” “Well, respectable, if you will have it so. Now you look more like a tramp than a lawyer.” “True as gospel, every word of it. But it isn’t too late to mend. That’s an old proverb and a true one. It is quite in the line of possibility that I should get back to the position from which I fell.” 113 “Perhaps so, but I’m not very sanguine of it.” “With your help nothing is impossible.” “You must not count upon that,” said Stephen Ray stiffly. “It is a good while since we parted company. I don’t myself care to renew the acquaintance.” “But I do,” rejoined Bolton with emphasis. “I have very little time at my disposal,” said Ray, pulling out an elegant gold watch and consulting it. “I think it may be well for you to spare me a little time,” went on Bolton quietly. There was something in his tone that sounded like a threat, and Stephen Ray could not wholly conceal his uneasiness. “Well,” he said, “I will give you ten minutes. Get through your business, whatever it is, as soon as possible.” “Hadn’t you better send your son away?” suggested Bolton significantly. “Why should I?” But on second thoughts Mr. Ray concluded to act on the hint, and turning to Clarence he said: “Clarence, you might take another spin on your wheel.” This did not suit Clarence at all. His curiosity had been excited by his father...

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