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Little Lost Sister
written by "Brooks, Virginia, 1886-" in the negative be recorded in the minutes of this meeting.” “May I inquire the cause of your—er—peculiar attitude?” asked the clergyman. “Do you think that fair, Dr. Brattle?” “Possibly not fair, but perhaps our curiosity is pardonable.” There was suppressed sarcasm in his retort. “In your little speech of introduction, my dear doctor,” said the girl, “you advanced the suggestion that this meeting might evolve some theory that would rid society of the social evil. The great trouble with this report is that it is all theory. I have no quarrel with the facts that Mr. Carp has given us, except 110 that they are old—‘world old,’ as I think you said. Weeks have been spent on this investigation and yet there is not one word—not a single word—that answers the appeal going up in this city day after day from thousands of unfortunate women. We sit here, after weeks of investigation, and listen to a homily. The time is past in Chicago for homilies. The question is: What are we going to do about it? Helpless thousands are asking us that question and we answer it with a treatise full of ‘world-old’ truth and full of ‘theory.’ Mr. Carp speaks of the resorts on Dunkirk street being ‘questionable’—” “They are questionable,” defended Mr. Carp stoutly. “Questionable, Mr. Carp,” replied Mary, “is a gentle word. These resorts are a shrieking infamy. They are markets in which young girls are sold like cattle.” “How do you know that?” demanded Grove Evans, almost rudely. He felt his club appointment slipping away from him and the poker game owed him two hundred dollars. Mary looked from her aunt to her uncle. 111 “I know,” she replied, “because I have been there. I know because I myself bought four girls there!...

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