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Bunyip Land
A Story of Adventure in New Guinea

written by "Browne, Gordon, 1858-1932"” “No, not to-day.” “Hi—wup—wup—wup!” Jimmy threw himself into an attitude, snatching a small hatchet from the waistband of his trousers, and made believe to climb a tree, chop a hole larger, and draw out an animal, which he seemed to be swinging round by its tail. “No, not to-day, Jimmy,” I cried. “Sleep, sleep,” said Jimmy, imitating a kangaroo by giving a couple of hops into the verandah, where he chose a sunny place, well haunted by flies, curled up, and went to sleep. “Good morning!” cried a hearty voice, and I ran out to welcome our neighbour the doctor, whose horse’s hoofs had not been heard, and who was now fastening the rein to the hook in one of the verandah posts. “Well, Joe,” he said as I shook hands and looked up admiringly in his bold well-bearded face. “Well, doctor, I’m so glad you’ve come; walk in.” “Ah! nurse,” he cried; “how well you look!” “Yes, yes; but I am glad you’re come,” she said. “I want you to look at Master Joseph.” “I did look at him.” “Isn’t he feverish or something, sir? He’s that restless as never was.” “Sign he’s growing,” cried the doctor. “How’s mamma?” “Oh, she’s pretty well,” I said. “Gone to lie down.” “That’s right,” said the doctor. “I had to come and look at Bowman’s broken arm, so I came on here to beg a bit of dinner.” “I’m so glad!” I said: for Jimmy, the half-wild black, was my only companion, there being no boys within miles of our run; “stop a week and have some fishing.” “And what’s to become of my patients?” “You haven’t got any,” I said. “You told me so last time.” “True, O King Joseph! I’ve c...

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