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A Voyage to Cacklogallinia
With a Description of the Religion, Policy, Customs and Manners of That Country

written by "Brunt, Samuel"
...o believe, some Time, and a Number of People about Thirty, at our alighting, immediately encompass'd me. The gigantick Make of these Inhabitants struck me with a panick Fear, which I also discover'd in the Eyes of the Cacklogallinians. They were of different Statures, from Thirty to an Hundred and Fifty Foot high, as near as I cou'd guess; some of them were near as thick as long, some proportionable, and others shap'd like a Pine, being no thicker than my self, tho' tall of an Hundred Foot. I resolv'd however to conceal, if possible, the Terror I was in, and coming out of my Palanquin, I went to salute the Company, when I observ'd they retired from me in proportion as I advanced, and like a Vapour, or an Ignis 140 fatuus, the Air being mov'd by my Motion, drove those which were directly opposite still before me. I stood still, they did the same; if I was astonish'd at their Make, and at what other things I had observ'd, I was more so, when I saw one of the tallest, dwindle in the Twinkling of an Eye, to a Pigmy, fly into the Air without Wings, and carry off a Giant in each Hand by the Hair of the Head. They were all differently dress'd at their first Appearance; some like Generals in Armour, some were in Ecclesiastical, and some in Gowns not unlike our Barristers at Law. Some were dress'd as fine as Imagination could make 'em, but with the quickness of Thought, these Dresses were all changed, who was cover'd with Rags one Moment, the next was in Purple, with a Crown on his Head; the Beau in Rags; the Priest assum'd the Air and Dress of a Bully, and the General was turn'd into a demure Figure resembling a Quaker. I was struck dumb with Amazement, and while I was considering with my self what this should mean, I observ'd a Man riding up to us, mounted on a Lion; when he came to the others, I...

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