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or, A Schoolgirl's Mission

written by "Burden, E. R."
...t." Mabel laughed at Minnie's queer statement of the case, but was constrained to admit that it was at least fair in the[Pg 24] main, if a little severe on the well-meant efforts of the persons referred to. "Well, its quite clear we must take an entirely different course if we wish to succeed," concluded Minnie, "and I hereby beg to propose as our first course, a course of Popular Entertainments." Mabel stared at her in amazement. "Why, Minnie, are you crazy!" she exclaimed when she recovered her breath. "Well, no, not quite yet I hope," replied Minnie, enjoying the sensation she had created, "But I suppose that was rather a big way to put it, I don't wonder it took away your breath. The style of entertainment I have in my head is a very small, innocent kind of affair, as you will perceive when I tell you that they are to be carried out by ourselves, and, moreover, that they are not to consist of anything more formidable (for the present at anyrate) than the preparation of tea or coffee, and the adjuncts pertaining thereunto." "But how is it to be done?" asked Mabel, scarcely less mystified than before, "It can't be done without money, and a good deal of money too." "That's just what bothered me at first," Minnie replied, "Of course, I knew I could get the money from papa if I asked him for it, and could assure him it was for a good purpose, but I wasn't going to do that, because, in the first place, I wished to keep the thing a secret between ourselves till we see how it will work, and in the next place I didn't[Pg 25] want to take the money from papa at all; so I thought out a plan, but to carry it out we must take papa into our secret." "Perhaps it would be as well to do that in any case," remarked Mabel, "seeing it happens to be his work-people with whom we have to do, and I daresay it is only fair and just that he should know about it. However, let me hear the plan." "You remember I told you I was laying past mon...

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