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If Your Baby Must Travel in Wartime
written by "Bureau, Children's"
...ency use. In planning these solid foods, remember that nothing can be heated except by the addition of hot water from your vacuum jug, and that no utensils can be washed on the train. 11 Boys in the bleachers Food for young children. —Meals for toddlers are not so much of a problem as meals for babies are. Packing a lunch of customary foods will not be difficult for the short trip. This may include bread-and-butter sandwiches, wrapped in wax paper; cookies or crackers; canned tomato or fruit juice; and canned evaporated milk. (Several large paper bags to be used as “waste baskets” are a convenience.) But for a long trip you may have to rely on getting your meals in the diner even though this is more expensive. Some railroads, however, don't serve meals to civilians until after servicemen are fed, so you may need to take 12along some food even though you are planning to use the diner. Be sure to go to meals early. Most little children are thrilled at the idea of eating on the train and tell about the experience for many days afterward. For a toddler's diet the railroads even now can usually supply cooked cereals, baked potatoes, green vegetables, well-cooked meats, fruits, and milk. Some dining cars provide half portions for children, but if they don't, no one will object if you order a meal for yourself and give part of it to Junior. But in case you are unable to get into the diner, it is wise to take some simple things for your toddler and yourself to eat. Fun in the diner Keeping baby clean. —Mothers sometimes attempt to bathe babies on a train in the washroom basins. Don't do it. It isn't sanitary. It is better to let your baby go unbathed during the trip than to run the risk of 13infection. Clean his face and hands off with cold cream and cleansing tissues and let it go at that. Solid food and solid comfort When changing diapers, use oil and cotton and cl...

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