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The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse
written by "Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo), 1874-1965"
... that he tries to run away from his own tail. Of course this isn't true. Sammy Jay likes to say mean things. It isn't fair to Danny Meadow Mouse to believe what Sammy Jay says. But the fact is Danny certainly is timid. More than this, he isn't ashamed of it—not the least little bit. “You see, it's this way,” said Danny, as he sat on his doorstep one sunny morning talking to his friend, old Mr. Toad. “If I weren't afraid, I wouldn't be all the time watching out, and if I[150] weren't all the time watching out, I wouldn't have any more chance than that foolish red ant running across in front of you.” Old Mr. Toad looked where Danny was pointing, and his tongue darted out and back again so quickly that Danny wasn't sure that he saw it at all, but when he looked for the ant it was nowhere to be seen, and there was a satisfied twinkle in Mr. Toad's eyes. There was an answering twinkle in Danny's own eyes as he continued. “No, Sir,” said he, “I wouldn't stand a particle more chance than that foolish ant did. Now if I[151] were big and strong, like Old Man Coyote, or had swift wings, like Skimmer the Swallow, or were so homely and ugly looking that no one wanted me, like—like—” Danny hesitated and then finished rather lamely, “like some folks I know, I suppose I wouldn't be afraid.” Old Mr. Toad looked up sharply when Danny mentioned homely and ugly-looking people, but Danny was gazing far out across the Green Meadows and looked so innocent that Mr. Toad concluded that he couldn't have had him in mind. “Well,” said he, thoughtfully[152] scratching his nose, “I suppose you may be right, but for my part fear seems a very foolish thing. Now, I don't know what it is. I mind my own business, and no one ever bothers me. I should think it would be a very uncomfortable feeling.” “It is,” replied...

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