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Humour of the North
written by "Burpee, Lawrence J. (Lawrence Johnstone), 1873-1946"
... all de tam, an' never pleasan'. Wall, w'en he ax Ma-dame tak' de girl away dat tam See dem races on Sorel wit' all de trotter De moder say, "All right, if you bring her home to-night, Before de cow's milk, I let her go, ma daughter." So Victorine she go wit' Zepherin her beau On de yankee buggy mak' it on St. Bruno, An' w'en dey pass hotel on de middle of Sorel Dey're puttin' on de beeges' style dat you know. Wall! dey got some good horse dere, but Zepherin don't care. He's back it up, hees own paroisse, ba golly, An' he mak' it t'ree doll-arre w'en Maskinongé Star On de two mile heat was beating Sorel Molly. Victorine don't min' at all, till de "free for all" dey call— Dat's de las' race dey was run before de snow fly— Den she say, "I t'ink de cow mus' be gettin home soon now An' you know it's only clock ole woman go by. "An' if we're comin' late w'en de cow pass on de gate You'll be sorry if you hear de way she talk dere, So w'en I see de race on Sorel or any place Affer dis, you may be sure I got to walk dere." Den he laugh, dat Zepherin, an' he say, "Your poor mama, I know de pile she t'ink about her daughter So we'll tak' de short road back on de corduroy race track; Don't matter if we got to sweem de water." No wonder he is smile till you hear heem half a mile, For dat morning he was tole hees leetle broder Let de cattle out de gate, so he know it's purty late By de tam dem cow was findin' out each oder. So along de corduroy de young girl an' de boy Dey was kipin' up a joggin' nice an' steady. It isn't heavy load, an' Guillaume he know de road For many tam he's been dat way already. But de girl she fin' it slow, so she ax de boy to go Somet'ing better dan a mile on fifteen minute, An' he's touch heem...

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