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Odysseus, the Hero of Ithaca
Adapted from the Third Book of the Primary Schools of Athens, Greece

written by "Burt, Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth), 1850-1918"
...old, and the thresholds and lintels of pure silver. On each side of the main entrance gold and silver dogs stood guard. They were endowed with life and were immortal, the work and gift of the divine Hephæstus. There were two rows of splendid seats in the large dining-hall. They were covered with costly mats, and the Phæacian leaders were wont to sit there and enjoy themselves. Golden statues of boys with lighted torches in their hands stood on beautiful pedestals and spread light over the merry banquets. There were fifty maid-servants in the palace. Some of them were grinding corn in the mill. Some spent their time in spinning and weaving, for as the men were renowned sailors, the women also were famous for making fine cloth. There was a large orchard all around the palace, surrounded by a thick hedge. In the orchard there was a great variety of fruit-trees—pear, apple, pomegranate, olive, and fig. The trees were never bare of fruit, either in summer or in winter, for an ever-blowing west wind created such a mild climate that the trees were constantly blooming and ripening their fruit. There was to be seen a tree full of blossoms, while another bent down under the load of ripe fruit. Thus it was with the grape-vines in the vineyard close to the orchard. Some were blooming, others had only begun to form fruit-buds, while some were loaded with ripe clusters ready for the wine-press. At the end of the orchard there was a magnificent flower-garden, in which the most fragrant flowers were blooming. Two springs also bubbled from the ground. One watered the orchard, and the other ran to the very door of the palace, and all the people filled their pitchers there. Such were the gifts Alkinoös had received from the gods. CHAPTER X ODYSSEUS IN THE HALLS OF ALKINOÖS After Odysseus had contemplated these wonders to his heart's content, he entered the main hall. There he found the leaders of the Ph&aeli...

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