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Radio Boys Loyalty
Or, Bill Brown Listens In

written by "Aaron, S. F. (Samuel Francis), 1862-"
...rk! You’re good, Siebold, but we haven’t anything like that in the school. I had no idea of it.” “Shucks! All the same I’d like to see him swap cracks with Sadler,” said Siebold doggedly. Just at that instant Sadler came lumbering in with a dozen other fellows at his heels. “Better not start anything rough,” cautioned Mr. Gay. But Siebold paid no heed. He walked over to Gus and addressed him roughly: “Say, would you have the nerve to fight Sadler?” “Fight? Fight? Why, man, I have no reason to. I haven’t anything against him.” Gus was 128 indignant. “And as to boxing bouts, I’m not in this game. Too busy!” “Shucks! One way to whitewash a little streak of yellow.” This with a sneer. Suddenly the kindly smile on Gus’s manly face faded out. He stepped quickly in front of Siebold. “You can’t say that to me! I’ll fight you here and now; bare knuckles if you like.” Mr. Gay overheard the conversation and came back to the boys. “None of that here,” he said. “If you want to have a friendly bout with the gloves, all right—even to a finish—but no bad blood.” Gus turned away. So did Siebold. Sadler, who was tired of being punched at Siebold’s request, would prefer to do a little looking on. With satisfaction he saw Mr. Gay take his hat and leave the building. The instructor may have seen a scrap on the way and wished to evade responsibility. He was anxious to be popular with the boys. 129 Sadler offered a few suggestions. Immediately several boys surrounded good-natured Gus and shoved him into the open center of the room. Then they did the same to Siebold, but with more verbal persuasiveness and in a moment the two were facing each other, and a pair of boxing-gloves was handed to each. 130 CHAPTER XV LOYALTY The freshman&#...

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