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Ted Marsh on an Important Mission
written by "Carsey, Alice"
...swer.” Major Church gave Ted an account of how their secret service men worked and how information was obtained. “Despite the fact that we have all these men, I feel sure that you will be able to get the information we desire more readily than any of our men. In a way, you will be a temporary secret service man.” He carefully outlined his reasons for believing 19 that Ted might be successful in getting information. “My boy, Canada is not your country. There is no call for you to do it. You may wish to remain neutral and we do not want you to go unless you wish to, heart and soul. But should you go, successful or unsuccessful, you will be rendering us a great service.” “I want to go,” Ted answered very quietly. “Canada is second only to my loyalty for my own country.” Major Church and Captain Wilson gave Ted a hand-clasp which showed their feelings. “You are true blue, my lad,” said Major Church. “We will have information as to location from Mr. Smythe very soon. You can understand the need of secrecy when our wires are coded. By the way, Wilson,” he turned to the captain, “you have an instructor in German here, have you not?” “We have,” was the reply. “Better watch him a bit. My theory is that all of these Germans will bear watching.” Three hours later Captain Wilson and Ted 20 joined Mr. Smythe, Mr. Dean, Colonel Graham and Major Church. Mr. Smythe presented the following wire: “Smythe, “Wayland. “Ekal stroper On. 2 ecalp Ees H.” “As you know, gentlemen, they have used the simplest code because the information would only be information for us. It is the reversal of the letters of a word. Let us see: “Lake Reports No. 2 place. See H. “H is Strong. No. 2 is Chicago. Strong is our chief operative there. Ted will have to see him to get his information an...

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