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Dr. Allinson's cookery book
Comprising many valuable vegetarian recipes

written by "Allinson, T. R. (Thomas Richard)"
...water, 1 oz. of butter, pepper and salt to taste, 1/2 lb. of Allinson wholemeal bread cut into small dice. Pick, wash, and chop up the sorrel, chop up the onion, and boil both with the water, butter, pepper, and salt until the onion is quite tender. Place the bread in the soup-tureen and pour the soup over it. Cover it up, and let the bread soak for a few minutes before serving. SORREL SOUP (French) (3). 1 lb. of sorrel, 1 oz. of butter, 2 tablespoonfuls of Allinson fine wheatmeal, 2 quarts of water, pepper and salt, 2 eggs. Pick and wash the sorrel and drain the water. Set it over the fire with the butter and stew for 5 minutes, add the wheatmeal, and stir it with the sorrel for 5 minutes; add the water, pepper and salt to taste, and let the soup simmer for 1/2 an hour; before serving add the eggs well beaten, but do not allow them to boil, as this would make them curdle; serve with sippets of toast. SPANISH SOUP. 3 pints of chestnuts peeled and skinned, 2 Spanish onions, 6 potatoes, 2 turnips cut up in dice, 1 teaspoonful of thyme, 1 dessertspoonful of vinegar, 2 oz. of grated cheese, 1 oz. of butter, 2 quarts of water, pepper and salt to taste. Boil the chestnuts and vegetables gently until quite tender, which will take 1-1/2 hours. Rub them through a sieve and return the soup to the saucepan; add the butter; vinegar, and pepper and salt to taste. Let it boil 10 minutes, and sift in the cheese before serving. SPINACH SOUP. 2 lbs. of spinach, 1 chopped up onion, 1 oz. of butter, 1 pint of milk, the juice of 1 lemon, 1-1/2 oz. of Allinson fine wheatmeal, and pepper and salt to taste. This will make about 3 pints of soup. Wash the spinach well, and cook it in 1 pint of water with the onion and seasoning. When the spinach is quite soft, rub all through a sieve. Mix the wheatmeal with the melted butter as in the previous recipe, stir into it the spinach, add the milk; boil all up, and add the lemon juice las...

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