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The Letters of Cassiodorus
Being A Condensed Translation Of The Variae Epistolae Of
Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator

written by "Cassiodorus, Senator, 487?-585?"
...o have received: 'From the sale of the corn 280 solidi. 'And from the fares of passengers 758 "   ——— '1,038 " 'Let your Sublimity assist in the execution of this order.' 36. King Theodoric to Starcedius, Vir Sublimis. Honourable discharge. 'You tell us that your body, wearied out with continual labour, is no longer equal to the fatigues of our glorious campaigns, and you therefore ask to be released from the necessity of further military service. We grant your request, but stop your donative; because it is not right that you should consume the labourer's bread in idleness. We shall extend to you our protection from the snares of your adversaries, and allow no one to call you a deserter, since you are not one[403].' [Pg 286] 37. King Theodoric to the Jews of Milan. Rights of the Jewish Synagogue not to be invaded by Christians. 'For the preservation of civilitas the benefits of justice are not to be denied even to those who are recognised as wandering from the right way in matters of faith. 'You complain that you are often wantonly attacked, and that the rights pertaining to your synagogue are disregarded[404]. We therefore give you the needed protection of our Mildness, and ordain that no ecclesiastic shall trench on the privileges of your synagogue, nor mix himself up in your affairs. But let the two communities keep apart, as their faiths are different: you on your part not attempting to do anything incivile against the rights of the said Church. 'The law of thirty years' prescription, which is a world-wide custom[405], shall enure for your benefit also. 'But why, oh Jew, dost thou petition for peace and quietness on earth when thou canst not find that rest which is eternal[406]?' 38. King Theodoric to all Cultivators[407]. Shrubs obstructing the aqueduct of Ravenna to be rooted ...

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