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The City of the Mormons
or, Three Days at Nauvoo, in 1842

written by "Caswall, Henry"
... Nauvoo. In 1838, every Mormon in one village, and in other villages probably the same, received a certificate, or passport, of which the following is a copy: "We do hereby certify that A. B., the bearer of this, is a regular member, and in good standing and fellowship, in the Church of the Latter-day Saints in Waddington, and is a worthy member of the same; and as a token also of our love and good will, we give unto him this letter of commendation to the esteem and fellowship of the Saints, in any land or country to which he may be pleased to remove. "March 29,"H. C. Kimball, 1838."Orson Hyde, "Presiding Elders of said Church. "This will be called for." [65]Three hundred of these certificates were printed at Clitheroe, by which speculation about 15 were realized. The way in which a Mormon prophecy is given to produce effect on the converts, is artfully designing. A young man, for instance, is immersed. After his immersion, the elders write a letter, unknown to the proselyte himself. As long as he remains faithful, all is right; the letter remains carefully sealed, and is kept by third parties. If he leaves them, a meeting of all the Mormons in the neighbourhood takes place, the letter is brought out with solemn pomp, the seal is broken, and the contents are read publicly. The following will serve for an example of these prophetic letters: "Liverpool, April 13, 1838. "Dear Brothers and Sisters in Preston,—It seemeth good unto us, and also unto the Holy Ghost, to write to you a few words, which cause pain in our hearts, and will also pain you when they are fulfilled before you; yet you shall have joy in the end. Brother Webster will not abide in the Spirit of the Lord, but will reject the truth, and become the enemy of the people of God, and expose the mysteries which have been committed to him, that a righteous judgment may be executed upon him, unless he speedily repent. When this sorrowful prediction shall be...

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