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Adventures in New Guinea
written by "Chalmers, James, 1841-1901", axes, beads, and cloth might also be distributed on the other side, I told them I must go; so they left me to my fate. I took the teacher with me that I hoped to leave there.  We were received very kindly by the people.  They led us inland, to show us there was water, and when we got back to the seaside they regaled us with sugar-cane and cocoanuts.  They then told us that they did not live at the village, but at the next, and merely came here for food.  We then got into a canoe, and were paddled up to the other village, where a great p. 62crowd assembled, and where we publicly gave the chiefs our presents.  They danced with delight, and told the teacher not to be long until he came to reside with them. On our return we thought our friends seemed disappointed.  We had suffered no harm; however, as I had been unwell for some days, and felt worse on the day following my trip, they felt comforted, and assured me it was because of our visiting Tepauri.  We had several things stolen, and amongst other things a camp oven, which we miss much.  Yet these are things which must be borne, and we can hope that some day their stealing propensities will change.  From a very unexpected source, and in a very unexpected manner, the whole prospects of this eastern mission seemed all at once to be upset.  I do not think I can do better than extract my journal for the next few days. December 29th.—About twelve o’clock three lads from the Mayri came ashore to cut firewood.  One of them came to me, saying, “I ’fraid, sir, our captain he too fast with natives.  One big fellow he come on board, and he sit down below.  Captain he tell him get up; he no get up.  Captain he get sword, and he tell him, s’pose he no get up he cut head off; he get up, go ashore.  I fear he no all right.”  They left me and went towards the sawpit.  Some men were clearing at the back of my h...

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