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George Cruikshank
written by "Chesson, W. H."
...avings from drawings by George Cruikshank, expressly [Pg 268]designed for this edition" (2 vols, London John Major, 1831), 241. "Life in London, or, the Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq. and his elegant friend Corinthian Tom, accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in their Rambles and Sprees through the Metropolis By Pierce Egan, author of 'Walks through Bath,' 'Sporting Anecdotes,' 'Pictures of the Fancy,' 'Boxiana,' &c. Dedicated to his most gracious majesty King George the Fourth Embellished with thirty six scenes from real life, designed and etched by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, and enriched also with numerous original designs on Wood, by the same Artists" (London: Sherwood, Neely, & Jones, 1821 First issued in 12 monthly parts, the first on 2 Oct 1820 the last in July 1821), 46-47 49, 67. "Life in Paris, comprising the Rambles Sprees and Amours of Dick Wildfire, of Corinthian Celebrity, and his Bang-up Companion, Squire Jenkins and Captain O'Shuffleton, with the whimsical Adventures of the Halibut Family, including Sketches of a Variety of other Eccentric Characters in the French Metropolis By David Carey Embellished with Twenty one Coloured Plates, representing Scenes from Real Life designed and engraved by George Cruikshank Enriched also with Twenty two Engravings on wood drawn by the same Artist, and executed by Mr White" (London: John Fairburn, 1822. It was issued in parts), 46-47. "Life (The) of Mansie Wauch Tailor in Dalkeith, written by himself. A new Edition revised and greatly enlarged With eight illustrations, by George Cruickshank [sic] William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh and Thomas Cadell, London, 1839" (The author is David Macbeth Moir), 175. "Life (The) of Napoleon, a Hudibrastic Poem in fifteen cantos by Doctor Syntax, embellished with thirty engravings by G. Cruikshank" (London: T. Tegg, III. Cheapside, Wm. Allason, 31 New Bond Street, and J. Dick, Edinburgh, 1815 Until H. R. Tedder wrote i...

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