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Young Wallingford
written by "Chester, George Randolph, 1869-1924"
... and as the train moved away Fannie looked out of the window and saw upon the platform of the little depot, as if these people were a part of another world entirely, the station agent, the old driver of the dilapidated ’bus, Bob Ranger and others equally a part of her past life, all looking at her in open-mouthed astonishment. Turning, as the last familiar outpost of the town slipped by, she timidly reached out her hand and laid it in that of Wallingford. The touch of that warm hand laid on his electrified Wallingford. Many women had loved him, or thought they did, and he had held them in more or less contempt for it. He had regarded them as an amusement, as toys to be picked up and discarded at will; but this, somehow, was different. A sudden and startling resolve came to him, an idea so novel that he smiled over it musingly for some little time before he mentioned it. “By George!” he exclaimed by and by; “I’m going to marry you!” [Pg 297]“Indeed!” she exclaimed in mock surprise, and laughed happily. “The way you said it sounded so funny.” She was perfectly content. [Pg 298] CHAPTER XXIII WALLINGFORD GIVES HIMSELF STILL ANOTHER STUPENDOUS SURPRISE Mrs. Wallingford, gowned and hatted and jeweled as Fannie Bubble had never been, and had never expected to be, tried the luxurious life that J. Rufus affected and found that she liked it. She was happy from day’s end to day’s end. Her husband was the most wonderful man in the world, flawless, perfect. Immediately upon their arrival in the city he had driven in hot haste for a license, and they were married before they left the court-house. Then he had wired the news to Jonas Bubble. “We start on our honeymoon at once,” he had added, and named their hotel. By the time they had been shown to the expensive suite which Wallingford had engaged, a reply of earnest congratulation had come back f...

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