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English and Scottish Ballads, Volume IV
written by "Child, Francis James"
...speede, Met I with a jolly palmer In a pilgrimes weede. 'Now God you save, you jolly palmer!' 'Welcome, lady gay! Oft have I sued to thee for love.' 'Oft have I said you nay.' The pilgrimages undertaken on pretence of religion were often productive of affairs of gallantry, and led the votaries to no other shrine than that of Venus.[1]"[Pg 192] "The following ballad was once very popular; it is quoted in Fletcher's 'Knight of the Burning Pestle,' Act ii. sc. ult., and in another old play, called "Hans Beer-pot, his invisible Comedy, &c. 4to 1618, Act i." "As I went to Walsingham is quoted in Nashe's Have with you to Saffron-Walden, 1596, sign. L."—Chappell. [1] 'Hermets on a heape, with hoked staves, Wenten to Walsingham, and her wenches after.' Visions of Pierce Plowman, fo. i. "As you came from the holy-land Of Walsingham, Met you not with my true love By the way as you came?" "How should I know your true love,5 That have met many a one, As I came from the holy-land, That have come, that have gone?" "She is neither white nor brown, But as the heavens fair;10 There is none hath a form so divine, On the earth, in the air." "Such a one did I meet, good sir, With angellike face, Who like a queen did appear15 In her gait, in her grace." "She hath left me here all alone, All alone and unknown,[Pg 193] Who sometime lov'd me as her life, And call'd me her own."20 "What's the cause she hath left thee alone, And a new way doth take, That sometime did love thee as her life, And her joy did thee make?" "I loved her all my youth,25 But now am old, as you see; Love liketh not the fallen fruit, Nor the withered tree. "For love is a careless child, And forgets promise past;30 He is blind, he is deaf, when he list, And in faith never fast. "For love is a great delight, And yet a trustless joy; He is won with a word of despair,35 And is lost with a toy. "Such is the love of ...

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