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The Orbis Pictus
written by "Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670"
...ician measureth the height of a Tower, 1....2. or the distance of places, 3....4. either with a Quadrant, 5. or a Jacob’s-staff, 6. Geometra metitur Altitudinem Turris, 1....2. aut distantiam Locorum, 3....4. sive Quadrante, 5. sive Radio, 6. He maketh out the Figures of things, with Lines, 7. Angles, 8. and Circles, 9. by a Rule, 10. a Square, 11. and a pair of Compasses, 12. Designat Figuras rerum Lineis, 7, Angulis, 8. & Circulis, 9. ad Regulam, 10. Normam, 11. & Circinum, 12. Out of these arise an Oval, 13. a Triangle, 14. a Quadrangle, 15. and other figures. Ex his oriuntur Cylindrus, 13. Trigonus 14. Tetragonus, 15. & aliæ figuræ. 127 CIV. The Celestial Sphere. Sphera cælestis. Astronomy considereth the motion of the Stars, Astrology the Effects of them. Astronomia considerat motus Astrorum, Astrologia eorum Effectus. The Globe of Heaven is turned about upon an Axle-tree, 1. about the Globe of the Earth, 2. in the space of XXIV. hours. Globus Cæli volvitur super Axem, 1. circa globum terræ, 2. spacio XXIV. horarum. The Pole-stars, or Pole, the Arctick, 3. the Antarctick, 4. conclude the Axle-tree at both ends. Stellæ polares, Arcticus, 3. Antarcticus, 4. finiunt Axem utrinque. The Heaven is full of Stars every where. Cælum est Stellatum undique. There are reckoned above a thousand fixed Stars; but of Constellations towards the North, XXI. towards the South, XVI. Stellarum fixarum numerantur plus mille; Siderum verò Septentrionarium, XXI. Meridionalium, XVI. 128 Add to these the XII. signs of the Zodiaque, 5. every one XXX. degrees, whose names are ? Aries ♉ Taurus, ♊ Gemini, ♋ Cancer, ♌ Leo, ♍ Virgo, ♎ Libra, ♏ Scorpius, ♐ Sagittarius, ♑ Capricorn, ♒ Aquarius, ♓ Pisces. Adde Signa, XII. Zodiaci, 5. quodlibet graduum, XXX, quorum nomina sunt ? Aries ...

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