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Humpback Whales in Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska
written by "Commission, Marine Mammal"
...ay by humpback whales (discussion led by Dr. Robert Hofman) 12:15  Lunch [Pg 31] 12 October 1979 (Continued)  1:30   Review of on-going and planned research and management activities in Glacier Bay and contiguous waters       a. 1:30—National Park Service (presentation by Mr. Jim Larson and/or Mr. John Chapman)     b. 1:50—National Marine Fisheries Service (presentation by Mr. Milsted Zahn and/or Dr. Michael Tillman)  2:15   Identification of additional research/management actions, if any, needed to protect humpback whales in Glacier Bay, e.g.:       a. Research 1. Physical   i.  acoustic characteristics of the Bay ii. water currents and tidal factors 2. Biological   i.  identification of whale food and its distribution and abundance ii.  additional whale behavior studies including harassment indicators 3. Human Factors   i.  acoustic characteristics of vessels     b. Management 1. comprehensive monitoring of vessel use patterns throughout the Bay 2. vessel routing, number, and speed controls 3. seasonal and/or area closures 4:30   As possible, summarize and rank research and management activities not included in on-going or planned activities.  5:00   Adjourn 13 October 1979  9:00   Continue discussion on ranking research and management activities not included in on-going or planned activities 10:00  Coffee Break 10:15  As possible, identify target initiation dates, target completion dates, optimal methods...

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