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Stories by English Authors: London (Selected by Scribners)
written by "Corelli, Marie, 1855-1924"
...ial thinker. Leibel found Sugarman at supper. The great Shadchan offered him a chair, but nothing else. Hospitality was associated in his mind with special occasions only, and involved lemonade and "stuffed monkeys." He was very put out—almost to the point of indigestion—to hear of Leibel's final determination, and plied him with reproachful inquiries. "You don't mean to say that you give up a boot and shoe manufacturer merely because his daughter has round shoulders!" he exclaimed, incredulously. "It is more than round shoulders—it is a hump!" cried Leibel. "And suppose? See how much better off you will be when you get your own machines! We do not refuse to let camels carry our burdens because they have humps." "Ah, but a wife is not a camel," said Leibel, with a sage air. "And a cutter is not a master tailor," retorted Sugarman. "Enough, enough!" cried Leibel. "I tell you, I would not have her if she were a machine warehouse." "There sticks something behind," persisted Sugarman, unconvinced. Leibel shook his head. "Only her hump" he said with a flash of humour. "Moses Mendelssohn had a hump," expostulated Sugarman, reproachfully. "Yes, but he was a heretic," rejoined Leibel, who was not without reading. "And then he was a man! A man with two humps could find a wife for each. But a woman with a hump cannot expect a husband in addition." "Guard your tongue from evil," quoth the Shadchan, angrily. "If everybody were to talk like you Leah Volcovitch would never be married at all." Leibel shrugged his shoulders, and reminded him that hunchbacked girls who stammered and squinted and halted on left legs were not usually led under the canopy. "Nonsense! Stuff!" cried Sugarman, angrily. "That is because they do not come to me." "Leah Volcovitch has come to you," said Leibel, "but she shall not come to me." And he rose, anxious to escape. Instantly Sugarman...

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