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A Big Temptation
written by "Meade, L. T., 1854-1914"
... round its waist. Mollie was nearly in tears as she stared at it, and Geoffrey's cheeks were very red. It had come in a most promising cardboard box, wrapped up in the cleanest of tissue-paper... read more

A Girl in Ten Thousand
written by "Meade, L. T., 1854-1914"
...her, did I?" said Effie, with a little note of triumph coming into her voice even in the midst of her anxiety. "That you didn't, my darling—she is one of God's angels and I say 'God bless ... read more

Red Rose and Tiger Lily
or, In a Wider World

written by "Meade, L. T., 1854-1914"
... know what father dreads, and dreads and dreads. Oh, Hester, if it happens it will kill him!" "Molly, dear, how white you are. If what happens?" "Don't whisper it, Hester; but I dread it. If he... read more