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The Apricot Tree
written by "Unknown"
...pricots.' He did not know of your tree, he added; or he should have paid it a visit before. I began to be sorry I had told him, and made him promise that he would not take more than three. When it g... read more

The Comical Creatures from Wurtemberg
Second Edition

written by "Unknown"
..., excepting “Reynard the Fox,” our sketches have been written to illustrate the drawings, for on this plea we claim some indulgence; but as we know full well that the pictures will be the main ... read more

Endless Amusement
A Collection of Nearly 400 Entertaining Experiments

written by "Unknown"
...ead of placing the looking-glass outside the window, you place it in the room above the hole, (which must then be made near the top of the shutter,) you may have the representation on a paper placed... read more

The Ladies' Work-Book
Containing Instructions In Knitting, Crochet, Point-Lace, etc.

written by "Unknown"
...2 steel, 4 white, 3 steel, 3 white, 3 steel, 2 white, 4 steel, 4 white, X twice. 9th: X 2 white, 3 steel, * 2 white, 4 steel, * 3 times; 1 white, 3 steel, 3 white, 4 steel, ** 2 white, 4 steel, *... read more

Life and Adventures of Mr. Pig and Miss Crane
A Nursery Tale

written by "Unknown"
... [1] Young Master Pig you here may see Upon his tender Mother’s knee No longer he with patience sucks For See, he’s cutting both his tusks. [2] [3] Behold him now ... read more

The Ranidae
How to breed, feed and raise the edible frog

written by "Unknown"
...le, so that the general shape would be like an hour-glass. Across the narrow part is to be stretched a screen of one-quarter inch wire cloth, which will confine the spawners to the deeper end of the p... read more

Vanden Vos Reinaerde
Uitgegeven en Toegelicht

written by "Unknown" facsimile, dat KAUSLER met de wellevendste bereidwilligheid voor mij deed vervaardigen. (26) C. heeft, gelijk wij zagen: die vele bouke maecte; maar KAUSLER zegt, Altniederl. Denkm., Th. I, s.... read more