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Blessed Are the Meek
written by "Freas, Kelly, 1922-2005"
...ks home. He sighed and glanced over the diggings. The rammed earth walls were nearly obliterated by now. Nothing lost, he reflected. It's all on tape and they're no different from a thousand ... read more

written by "Freas, Kelly, 1922-2005"
...elief, and then the wind began to dissipate the vapor, and on the ground there was left only part of a head and six torn legs. They were bowing to him and raising their voices high in thanks.... read more

written by "Freas, Kelly, 1922-2005"
...he liquid oxygen used to keep his breathing-air in balance. He poured the frigid, pale-blue stuff into the cotton. He saturated it. All the inside of the shack was foggy when he finished. Then... read more

The Test Colony
written by "Freas, Kelly, 1922-2005"
...oes don't even bite." "They will," I said, "as soon as they get a good taste of human blood. And baby, you're sure making it easy for them." Benson was distracted from the conversation by the c... read more

Time Crime
written by "Freas, Kelly, 1922-2005" a gold multicolor pen. "Oh, Vall; something interesting has just come up." He spoke in a voice of forced calmness. "I can't go into it now, but you'll want to hear about it. I'm sending a car... read more

Where There's Hope
written by "Freas, Kelly, 1922-2005" Earth saying we'd found a habitable planet. Thousands of people from Earth, coming here to the new world we're supposed to get busy and carve out for them. We were selected for that task&mdas... read more