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Chopin : The Story of the Boy Who Made Beautiful Melodies
written by "Tapper, Thomas, 1864-1958"
...each of the great musicians—an educational feature worth while. This series of the Child's Own Book of Great Musicians includes at present a book on each of the following: Bach... read more

Franz Joseph Haydn : The Story of the Choir Boy who became a Great Composer
written by "Tapper, Thomas, 1864-1958"
...ecorated with ribbons and with gilded horns. OXEN MINUET For many years Haydn remained in the peace and quiet of the Esterhazy family life. But, nevertheless his good work was heard of ... read more

Johann Sebastian Bach : The story of the boy who sang in the streets
written by "Tapper, Thomas, 1864-1958"
... Sebastian Bach died in 1750. He was sixty-five years of age. Benjamin Franklin was at that time forty-four years old and George Washington was eighteen. This is the way Bach wrote his name. ... read more