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The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)
written by "Abbott, Evelyn"
...terranean by their harbour fortresses and factories. Their ships crossed the long basin in every direction, and everywhere they found harbours of safety. They showed themselves no less apt and inv... read more

The History of Antiquity, Vol. I (of VI)
written by "Abbott, Evelyn" worshipped in a black shapeless stone. The Kuraish swore by Allat, Uzza, and Manat.[472] Among other tribes of the desert the goddess Halasah, or Venus, was worshipped. According to the Western ... read more

The History of Antiquity
Vol. V.

written by "Abbott, Evelyn" Polyhistor; according to this writer the seven Medes reign till the year 2224 B.C. Whether Berosus called the first Median king who reigned in Babylon[Pg 274] Zoroaster, or Polyhistor has ascri... read more

The History of Antiquity
Vol. VI. (vol. VI. of VI.)

written by "Abbott, Evelyn"
...nner as Herodotus, our excerpt continues: "The moderation of the others was so great that when they had received the sign from the gods (Justin speaks only of the neighing, not of the thunder and l... read more