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Camping at Cherry Pond
written by "Abbott, Henry, 1850-"
...tly behind us and a shower of water poured over my head and down the back of my neck. The grandfather beaver, the largest of his tribe, had come out through one of the cellar passages, under the boat,... read more

Camps and Trails
written by "Abbott, Henry, 1850-"
...he steel of its barrel will not influence the compass needle and try to arrange in mind the topography of the country I am in. After a reasonable rest I am always willing to follow the pointing of the... read more

The Chief Engineer
written by "Abbott, Henry, 1850-"
... along until they caught up. This game of tag, played by the girls and the beaver I watched for twenty minutes or more and each time the girls came near enough to the animal he managed to throw water ... read more

Fish Stories
written by "Abbott, Henry, 1850-"
...ds. The guide books make mention of it, and the tourist and "one week boarder" see it first. Also, when one tires of fishing, of mountain climbing, of tramping, and is in need of some new form of dive... read more

Lost Pond
written by "Abbott, Henry, 1850-"
... trout climbed out, stood on their tails and reached for the fly long before it hit the water." It was now quite dark and we were losing more fish than we saved. It was impossible to see the landin... read more

Muskrat City
written by "Abbott, Henry, 1850-"
... the whole. It is a vast forest-ocean, with mountain ridges for billows, rolling smoothly and gently on like the subsiding swell of a storm. I stand on the edge of a precipice which throws its naked w... read more