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The Hollow Tree and Deep Woods Book
being a new edition in one volume of "The Hollow Tree" and
"In The Deep Woods" with several new stories and pictures

written by "Condé, J. M."
... in the cupboard that he could catch most any time, and that if they really wanted fish for dinner he s'posed he might as well open it. Then they all laughed, and in about a minute down came Mr. 'C... read more

Hollow Tree Nights and Days
written by "Condé, J. M."
... And just then Mr. and Mrs. Robin arrived with the bride, and when the Deep Woods people saw her they just clasped their hands and couldn't say a word, for she took their breath quite away. Miss... read more

Mr. Rabbit's Wedding
Hollow Tree Stories

written by "Condé, J. M."
... he wouldn't have had them see his poem for anything. The trouble began when Bunty Bun decided to have a flower-garden. "FLOWERS THAT SHE WANTED ME TO DIG UP FOR HER" "She use... read more