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In the Cards
written by "Emshwiller, Ed, 1925-1990"
... found out. Still, you know how tactless some people can be. Marge just shook her head and went right on sobbing. "Listen," I said, "I'll bet you're getting all worked up for nothing. ... read more

The Tunnel Under The World
written by "Emshwiller, Ed, 1925-1990"
...mitations at all. Put a dozen copies of him into a plant and they will run it all, twenty-four hours a day, seven days of every week, never tiring, never overlooking anything, never forgetting...... read more

World Without War
written by "Emshwiller, Ed, 1925-1990" appearance. It was a peaceful, contemplative scene. Jennette snuggled up against Mark, thoughtfully tracing a design with fruit juice on his arm. "This is fun," she said softly. "So much more ... read more