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Tom Slade, Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer
written by "Fitzhugh, Percy Keese, 1876-1950"
...sible on that road now nor in the shell-torn area of No Man's Land through which it ran. But the lone rider forged ahead, zig-zagging his course to escape the bullets of that unseen sharpshooter an... read more

Tom Slade on a Transport
written by "Fitzhugh, Percy Keese, 1876-1950"
...He had been mistaken, he thought; had jumped at a crazy notion. And he half turned to go up again. But instead he listened at the companionway, then tiptoed stealthily along the passage and looke... read more

Tom Slade with the Boys Over There
written by "Fitzhugh, Percy Keese, 1876-1950"
...dash;" "Sh-h-h," whispered Madame Leteur quickly. "There is no one," said the old man, peering cautiously into the bushes; "when he struck the Prussian beast, it was only what his father's son ... read more